Smith & Associates Real Estate | Website Redesign
Smith & Associates Real Estate is an elite group of connected and experienced connoisseurs and aficionados of greater living
in Tampa Bay. For more than 40 years, they have helped individuals and families acquire homes that both complement and accommodate their unique sense of luxury. 
By organizing the website into five major sections, developing a grid system that accommodated all content, and keeping our color palette to only three colors, we accomplished just that.The large, beautiful photography help to pull the consumers in and keep them interested as they search for their perfect home.
When designing the website features, we started by creating a detailed criteria search to fit the consumers every need. We developed a feature in which users can "love" a house to mark and save it, so that when they log in later they may easily return to it. An easy access mortgage calculator which opens as a light box feature, maps, sharing features and a bio/contact info on any realtor from the group was developed as well. 
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